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Need to get rid of termites? Try using the proven Sentricon System method. This was designed to eliminate termite colonies and has proven its ability to do so worldwide.

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Nuisance Birds in New York City


Do you have birds nesting in your dryer vent or on top of your air conditioner? If you do call Magic Pest Management. Magic will deploy an inspector to your home or place of business to access your situation and provide a bird control solution.

Magic can remove the nesting materials, clean and sanitize the location of the nests and kill any ectoparasites that is associated with the pests. If birds are living in your vents Magic can replace the vent with one that birds will not be able to get back inside of your home. If the birds are nesting on top of your air conditioner Magic can install devices that will keep the birds from coming back and nesting in these areas.

Birds can carry mites on them. They become structural pests when they migrate from bird nests into buildings and attack humans. For this reason, bird mite control is essential for property owners. Chicken mites primarily infest poultry houses and farms, and also target households with pet birds. Magic will treat for these mites at the time of the removal of the birds and the nesting materials.