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Need to get rid of termites? Try using the proven Sentricon System method. This was designed to eliminate termite colonies and has proven its ability to do so worldwide.

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Recommended Termite Elimination Systems for Spring 2019


By Ralph H Maestre BCE

Termite Season is here!

We at Magic Pest Management LLC perform both conventional in-ground liquid treatment and a termite baiting system using the Sentricon® Always Active Termite Elimination Baiting System. Liquid treatments are very effective, but have limitations due to application regulations. Magic Pest Management technicians are trained to keep up with the latest changes in the regulations and follow all label directions.

An alternative to a liquid treatment is the Corteva Agriscience Sentricon® Always Active Termite Colony Baiting Elimination System. The Sentricon® Always Active Termite Elimination Baiting System is sold only to pest management firms that have been authorized and trained by Corteva Agriscience. This termite bait was the first to be commercially introduced into the United States and has been marketed since 1995. It is labeled to be used as the sole measure to achieve termite control, without a supplementary soil treatment. Every station is baited all of the time and monitored to maintain optimal performance in protecting your property. Magic Pest Management LLC has used it around private residential homes, commercial establishments, warehouse, and other structures where permitted by the label. Magic has eliminated thousands of termite colonies over the last 20 years using this product throughout Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Nassau County.

In addition, Magic Pest Management LLC specializes in realty sales or transfers. When a buyer's inspector finds evidence of termites, Magic verifies and helps the seller decide on the right treatment and the documentation required to facilitate the sale of the home. Magic gives peace of mind to the buyer that the termite problem is taken care and that Magic Pest Management LLC will be there for them in the coming years. Magic has performed over 10,000 such transactions in its 50 years in business. We have been there and will continue to be there for our clients.

Magic Pest Management LLC inspectors are highly trained to assure an accurate Wood Destroying Insect Report, using the NPMA-33 standard form.

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