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Did You Know?

Did you know we used to use feathers to remove Bed Bugs from crack and crevices?

Did you know that Aristophanes wrote about Bed bugs in his play, The Clouds?

Did you know the Romans used Bed Bug as an antidote for snake bites?

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New York City Bed Bugs Exterminating

Bedbug Heat Chamber

The Bedbug Heat Chamber is the safest and most convenient way to get rid of bed bugs, wood destroying beetles, and fabric pests in New York City and Long Island. As a non-chemical option, the heat treatment exterminating method is extremely quick (hours instead of days), and environmentally friendly.

Heat Chamber Treatments

Heat is a non-chemical option treatment. Significant heat kills insects by disrupting cellular membranes and denaturing enzymes needed for their survival. Studies show that heat will kill many types of insect such as bedbugs, roaches, ants, wood boring beetles, clothing moths, carpet beetles, etc. The treatment process involves heating all infected elements in the chamber to a minimum of 120°F (at the core) and holding this temperature. The benefit of heat treatment is the ability to treat without the use of chemicals and the relatively short period of time (hours instead of days).

Where it works best

The biggest advantage of heat is that it finds the bed bugs and their eggs wherever they are hiding. It penetrates layers of fabric, upholstered furniture, boxes of household goods, and even mattresses and bedding. It relieves the pest management professional (PMP) from the task of seeking out every last bed bug and all of their eggs. The heat finds them and "cooks" them all at once.

To learn more about Magic's New York City Heat Chamber, visit our dedicated Bedbug Heat Chamber website.